Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Garnier BB cream Review

Hey BFFs,
How many of you girls are applying foundations daily?? I guess a very few. For everyday use we don’t need heavy coverage on our face & we even don’t have leisure time in the morning to get all dolled up & reach office on time. So the new trend of BB cream or CC cream fits the bill completely which not only provides the light coverage but moisturises & repair the skin as well. So I am on the hunt of my perfect BB/CC cream. Read on further whether my hunt ends on this or not..

Product Description:
Garnier Skin Naturals BB Cream SPF 24 it is possible to make your skin soft, fair and flawless in an instant.
Soft, silky and lightweight texture of this cream easily blends with your skin. Enriched with vitamin C, almond extracts it boosts skin glow. Reduces lines and other imperfections. Your facial skin looks clean, clear and skin tone becomes even. Nourishes your skin and leaves it soft, smooth and supple. With the help of SPF24 filters it protects your skin from harmful UV rays. Has pleasant fragrance that gives you a fresh, relaxed feel.

Garnier BB cream review

Prices: 99 INR approx. for 18gm

My Experience with Garnier BB cream:
First I had tried the USA version of Garnier BB cream from my aunt’s Vanity which I liked a lot hence I thought to buy the one which was launched in India. The packaging is totally different of Indian version. I had bought a small trial purpose 18gm tube to give it a shot. It comes with a card box packaging with the ingredient list & other instructions written over it. The card box contains the nude tube with silver screw tight cap. The tube is travel friendly. This comes in only one shade which suits all skin type as claimed by product. I wish they have launched more shades to suit the girls who have pink tone to their face.
The consistency of the product is also light runny. Normally I apply it by doing dots all over my face & blending with my fingers. I have combination dry skin with oily nose. This cream blends easily on the face however the shade makes me look a bit tanned. It makes my skin tone look even however it fails to cover my acne marks. I feel that my face (specially the nose part) sweats more after applying this cream may be because of the SPF in it. You need compact powder to absorb the dewy finish of this cream. I didn’t see any other good effect of moisturising from this cream. Though the cream is dermatological tested I felt that it tends to broke me out if I will continue to put it on my face more than 8 hours.
After 3 hours the cream becomes patchy on my face if I am travelling outside due to sweating & it starts smudging. I like that I don’t have to use any separate sunscreen or moisturizing with this cream.

Garnier BB cream swatch
Pros of Garnier BB cream:
·         Travel friendly
·         Moisturizing
·         availability
·         SPF
·         cheap

Cons of Garnier BB cream
·         No shade selection
·         It can broke out sensitive skin
·         Becomes patchy after 3 hours
·         It gives me tanned look

BFF Rating: 3 /5

Final Verdict:
According to me this is good BB cream for dry skinned girls however for combination skin like mine may be broke out with the usage of this cream. I will not repurchase this cream again.

Have you used this Product already? If yes then please share your experience with the same in the comment section.

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  1. I have used this BB cream and yeah it makes my oily skin sweat more than usual!

  2. This one made my skin more oily.Ponds BB cream is better for oily skin types.

  3. I use make up but not a big fan of BB creams...I have normal skin may be this one is not for me :)

    1. You can try ponds BB cream. I have heard good reviews about it.

  4. Great pleasure that I can read this blog.
    sensual pleasure