Friday, July 22, 2016

July 2016 Fab Bag – The Hello Gorgeous Unboxing & Review

Hello BFFs,

In today’s world we ask first for samples before splurging our hard earned money on full-fledged luxury cosmetics products. What if there is someone who sends you these different sample products of different brands according to your interest, your skin type & your hair type. The Fab bag was started to fulfil this sole purpose. I had already reviewed The April Fab bag earlier on the blog.
Read on further to know which products I got on this month’s Fab bag.

FAB BAG PRICE: Rs 599/- per month. (You can order from FABBAG)

This time the theme of July Fab bag is “The hello gorgeous”.  The material of Fab bag is of high quality faux leather in blue colour with red Lipstick marks all over which truly goes with the theme of Hello gorgeous. I can easily carry this pouch with me while travelling to carry my cosmetics along with me to get some eyeballs as the pouch is very catchy.
So below is the list of products for July 2016 Fab Bag.

So I got three full size products & one sample size product this month.

1. SUGAR It’s A-Pout Time! Vivid Lipstick-The Big Bang Berry (Full Size: Rs.599/-)
To be frank this Lipstick covers the price of this bag. Basically I know that they are sending full-size Sugar Lipstick for this month’s Fab bag hence I ordered it immediately. I got my Sugar The stroke of genius- Heavy duty kohl in my April Fab bag which is love at first use. I will test this lipstick soon & shall update the blog with detailed review & swatches.

2. Skin Yoga Coffee Body Scrub (Full Size: Rs.845/-)
This is totally new brand for me. I got full size of Skin Yoga Coffee scrub in July Fab bag. Coffee is good for blood circulation & we use the same in many DIY scrub also. Now that I got it in my Fab bag I will try it & update the detail review on the blog soon.

3. Pep Moisture Velvet Shampoo (Full Size: Rs.119/- for 50ml)
I haven’t heard anything regarding this herbal brand. This shampoo contains Oat protein which is good for dry & frizzy hair to provide intense moisture. So this is suitable to my hair type & I got this full size product which also increases the total value of bag quantity. 

4. Johara Instance Radiance Face Scrub (Rs.500/- for 100gm)
This brand is also totally new for me. That is the benefit of fab bag that you can try different new brands without spending a lot on full size products. I got the sample size of 15ml for this which will suffice for 2-3uses. If this will suits my skin then I can order for full size version without the fear of duds.

In addition to all of this I got the coupon code for renewal of my Fab bag subscription.
There is an offer going on Fab bag if you order within tomorrow midnight with coupon code “JULYBONUS10” then you will get 10% discount plus Free style Fiesta Accessory”.
  • I got 3 full size product worth Rs. 1563 beside one sample size product
  • I got full size of Sugar Lipstick which covers the Price of July fab bag.
  • The quality of Lipstick looks great.
  • You will get more discount & bonus product if you subscribe for 3,6 or 12 months together. Refer their website for more details. FABBAG. 

  • The delivery got late for this time as it took two week to ship my fab bag after placing an order which is a bit late.

BFF Rating: 4.5/5

Final Verdict:
I love this month’s fab bag as well as the products came along with it. I have deducted the 0.5 points because of the late delivery.

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  1. Lovely review.. I like this denim pouch with lips ;)

    1. Yes.and the quality of pouch is also good this time.

  2. Nice and detailed review. Thanks For the review.

  3. Such posts give a lot of inspiration.