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Lotus Herbals Colorkick Kajal Review

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As being a kajal girl from the childhood I am always on the search of different kajals which suits me perfectly without giving me raccoon eyes and frankly speaking it is never ending search as every other day new kajal have been launched by various brands to satisfy their customer demands.

So I stumbled upon this Lotus Herbals Colorkick Kajal by reading various good reviews over the blogosphere. It automatically comes to my wish list. Read on further to know whether it could be my HG kajal or not.


Product Description:

Color Kick Kajal an extreme, deep black pigmented smudge-proof formula enriched with botanical extract of Almond Oil. The one glide application makes it easy to use without any flakiness and stays perfect for 8 hrs. without any smudge.

Create new looks playing around with this long stay, water-proof kajal without worrying for the touch-ups.


Day looks: Start from the inner corner to outer corner on the waterline, glide once or twice to get a simple yet gorgeous look.

Dramatic Look: Apply a thick line on the upper lash line. Slightly wing it up. Then apply a thick line on the bottom lash line continuing till you reach the outer corner of eyes and joint it with the upper winged kajal line. Apply kajal on the waterline and complete the dramatic look.

Smoky Look: Apply a thick line of kajal to the upper lash line; take an angular brush smudge the kajal in upper outward direction. Apply the thick line of kajal to the lower lash line, with the angular brush smudge it slightly in downward direction.

Prices: 199 INR approx. for 0.28gm

My Experience with Lotus Herbals Colorkick Kajal:

 The Lotus Herbals Color kick Kajal comes in a funky neon pink color card box packaging. Unfortunately I had thrown the packaging after discarding the kajal. But no worries I have given the details above as written on the card box packaging. The kajal comes in the same neon pink color plastic pen in the twist & use form. You can take out the lead by twisting up the pen & twist it back to get the lead back to the pen. The color of the kajal is jet black & the finish is matte. The packaging is quite sturdy then that of the Maybelline colossal kajal. I had used the Maybelline colossal kajal in past which broke down into several pieces because of the wear & tear as I was carrying it daily in my purse. However this kajal has survived the wear & tear test of my purse, as I am carrying it daily in my purse.

It will require two-three strokes for the waterline & one single stoke is enough for upper & lower lash line to get the desired pigmentation. The pigmentation is very good. It is totally smudge proof & water resistant. It stays all day on my upper lash line however as my eyes are watery so it will fade away from my waterline after 2-3 hours. You have to use makeup remover or coconut /olive oil to remove it completely from the upper lash line. I don’t know why but I feel dryness on my waterline because of its matte finish, Maybe it’s just me who feels like that. I wear lenses & I don’t feel any irritation with my lenses on. So it is safe for contact lens wearer.

This is not purely herbal kajal so people who prefers the herbal kajal which gives cooling sensation to the eyes this is not the right choice for you. I have noticed one thing that herbal kajals are not smudge proof & the smudge proof kajals cannot be herbal as it requires some chemicals to make it smudge proof.

One more thing I have noticed that this kajal is not advertised much & the availability of it to the local stores is also not good. However it is easily available in hyper city store or online stores.

  • Economical
  • Pigmentation
  • Matte finish
  • Smudge proof & waterproof
  • Online availability


  • I feel dryness in my eyes after 3-4 hours of using the same.

BFF Rating: 4/5


Final Verdict: I love how pigmented & smudge proof the Lotus Herbals Colorkick Kajal is however I feel dryness in my eyes after 3-4 hours because of its matte finish. You have to try this kajal if you want your kajal to be matte finish. I like my kajal to be shiny so I will give the Sugar Stroke of Geniusheavy duty Kajal to some extra brownie points.

Have you used this kajal already? If yes then please comment regarding your experience with the same.

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  1. This is a pretty good kajal. I used to use it a lot before. Nice review.

  2. Nice review. Liked it :)

  3. I wear contacts too and it's difficult when it comes to applying kajal on the waterline for so many reasons. But since you say there's not much of irritation, I might as well give this a try. Overall it is a good review on the product.

  4. This article helped me understand it all.
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