Saturday, March 25, 2017

Omved Ananda Himalayan Rose Soap review

 Hey BFFs,

I know I am a little bit MIA on the blog last month, but I have all the reasons to justify this. There are some incidences happened in my personal life due to which I couldn’t give much time to the blog. Now I am back & there are lots of pending posts which needs to be up on the blog pretty soon. I am planning to schedule my blog posts week wise what say. Any suggestion regarding blog scheduling is most welcome.
Today’s post is about this Omved Ananda Himalayan Rose bath bar which smells so heavenly just like pure rose water. I have read somewhere that our skin absorbs 70% of what we apply on it. Bathing daily with this 100% natural bath bar is an aromatic way to ensure that nature's goodness gets delivered deep inside our skin. Before I start about the product review lets have a small introduction regarding the brand & its principles.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Types Of Prints On Sarees Best With Different Kind Of Festivals

A pretty drape can actually make every curve of a woman beautiful and attractive.  Let the sensational term start again with some choicest sarees that you can wear in different kind of festivals. Designer sarees are the timeless pieces in any woman’s wardrobe and she stacks them for her most special event and moment. From quirky prints to some traditional patterns, there are many kinds of prints and styles that can really spiff up the mood at an instant. From the most voguish Christmas time to most loud and zealous, Diwali, each and every festival has its own meaning and can be defined in the most refined way with a proper selection of apparels and saree is one of them.
Scroll down peeps and discover the latest selection:

Friday, January 13, 2017

Qtrove - Curated with love - Website Review + Gift coupon

Hello friends,
In today’s computerized world we crave for something which is handmade & have some personal touch to it. I love the products which are handmade and specially curated with love for me and my family, however in today’s busy schedule & living in the city it is a bit difficult to get authentic hand made products or organic products easily. I usually buy my stuff online or from D-mart where the products are from big brands only. Qtrove came as a perfect solution for bridging the gap between the local artisans & buyer by providing a platform where the artisans can sell their products by sitting at home & buyer can buy the same without compromising on their busy schedules. Read the post till the end as there is some surprise for you.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Himalaya Herbals Fairness Kesar face wash Review

Himalaya herbals is my favorite brand when it comes to face wash products. I just love Himalaya herbals Neem face wash for summers. However, for winters my combination skin will become dry so I need face wash which did not dry out my already dry skin. This fits perfectly for my winter skincare regimen as it is mild, creamy & very much moisturizing. Read on further for the complete product review.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

12 Things Only Epilator Users Will Know

I am back with one more useful gadget information which we girls can use to get rid of the unwanted body hair at home. Yes, that’s true now we don’t have to go to the salon & listen to all that idiotic things like “ Madam apke hair bahot thick he’ & all. I have very thick hair growth from the childhood & I hate it the most when someone repeatedly reminds me regarding that thing & especially those parlorwali aunties & bhabhi’s. When they say something like that to me I want to tell them straight way “hey that is the only reason I came for waxing every month“.  I have stopped visiting the salon for waxing around 4 years ago due to this sole reason & shifted my gears towards epilating or shaving at home. I had bought one budget epilator from some other brand some 4 years ago which is running satisfactorily till date. However, I can use that for my legs & hands only as the pain level is a bit high for underarms due to old technology of that model.
I always want to use the Braun silk epil range of epilators for myself but haven’t got the chance yet. But after reading below advantages I am sure going to try it ASAP.
Braun lets you in on the secret things only seasoned epilator users know…
We dare you to make the switch and see for yourself. Warning, side effects include experiencing non-stop beautifully smooth, silky skin that you won’t be able to keep your hands off!

01. It’s addictive.
Yes, really. It unveils baby soft, smooth skin like you haven’t experienced since pre-puberty - all at the press of a button. And once you start, you’ll find yourself scheduling regular dates in your diary to keep it feeling super smooth around the clock!