Friday, January 13, 2017

Qtrove - Curated with love - Website Review + Gift coupon

Hello friends,
In today’s computerized world we crave for something which is handmade & have some personal touch to it. I love the products which are handmade and specially curated with love for me and my family, however in today’s busy schedule & living in the city it is a bit difficult to get authentic hand made products or organic products easily. I usually buy my stuff online or from D-mart where the products are from big brands only. Qtrove came as a perfect solution for bridging the gap between the local artisans & buyer by providing a platform where the artisans can sell their products by sitting at home & buyer can buy the same without compromising on their busy schedules. Read the post till the end as there is some surprise for you.

What Qtrove says about them:

Buy curated handmade products made by local artisans

Imagine going to a speed dating event and finding 50 people that look and talk the same but have different last names. Not much to choose from right? That's just like shopping on any marketplace e-commerce site today. And that's why Curated lists are awesome. Because honestly, it is tiring to sift through hundreds of thousands of vendors selling pretty much the same products. We believe in the power of few. Come in and explore.

Qtrove stands for the Curated (Q) trove. On this website, they sell products which are made in small batches in their by local artisans. The products are not made in big factories but are made in their kitchens. Do you remember the taste of the pickle or some dish made by your old neighbor /grandmother/friend which cannot be replaced by any company’s product available in the market. This kind of experience you will get in the products selling on this website which is unique & curated together for the satisfaction of the customer. This website offers various range of products from food to fashion & skincare to home furnishing. Earlier they have started with a few products & limited sellers but now their family is expanding day by day.
Now let me take you to the website tour for Qtrove. You can click here to go directly to their website.

If you see the Logo of Qtrove then you can understand that this website is very organic & nature-friendly. There are various categories defined in the header & the navigation & filter is easy. The website surfing is quite easy & the download time of the website is also very fast. They have taken the product photography very seriously & given the life to each & every product.  I like the “What’s new”, “Offer Zone” & “The 199 store” category a lot. The website has search option also, so you can directly search the product you want.
“The 199 store is very useful if you are on a budget & you want to stay away from the temptations of buying the expensive products. hehe.

We can find all kind of baked items, pickles, jams, butter with the variety of ingredients. There is vast range of aromatic candles, aroma oils & soaps, shampoo bars & many other personal care organic items available on site.
If you see the particular product description then the seller introduction & details of the seller with pictures are also there to bring that personal touch. You can also find customer review & rating for that particular product on the right side so it is easy to decide whether the product is suitable for you or not.
The sign-up procedure to the website is quite easy like the other commercial website. You can sign up using your email id, facebook or google id.
The order placing procedure is also quite simple. You just have to add the product to the cart. Then while checking out you need to fill the shipping address details & if you have any gift coupon then you can enter that in the respective tab. After completing shipping information it takes you to shipping method and after that, you have to choose the suitable payment method from below options. It’s so easy & noncomplicated.

I have ordered two shampoo bars from PANEE which seems to be the dupe of Lush Shampoo bars & I got one small sample soap bar free which I still need to try. I will update you soon with the detailed review of the same. Along with the same, I have ordered one organic jasmine soap & peppermint lip scrub for this winter season. I will update the detailed reviews of all the products very soon on the blog in the coming days so stay tuned.

All the products got delivered to me by FedEx courier & I am surprised to see the prompt delivery in the 3 days though I am not living in the metro city which is so good. The products were well packaged & there was no spillage & damage to any product so big thumbs up from me for packaging & handling of the parcel.

Now the best part is the Qtrove team is so generous that they are giving the discount coupon to my readers & friends for their first purchase from their site. Yes, you heard it right. You can get 15% discount by using the coupon code: “ BFF15” which is valid until end of February 2017 (for the first time online paid orders above Rs 500). So go ahead & place the order asap before the gift coupon expires.
Please do share your experience in the comment section.


  1. Been hearing to a lot of positive reviews about this site. Will definitely check it out. Thanks for the review! :)

    1. You should definitely checkout this site. It may be useful for your homemade product also.

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