Saturday, March 31, 2018

5 Tips to Getting the Perfect family Car

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When we start earning in life the first two things we intend to buy is a home & a car. Both the decision shall be taken after a good amount of research & brainstorming as it impacts us for the lifetime. There are many websites on the net which gives you a lot of information but I found one which not only gives information but their Video reviews help you to understand the car better. You can check out the best of 2018 Video on it.

1 – Identify the requirement. 
First make a checklist of the things you need in your car, like how many seats are required? How much luggage you generally travel with. How much road trips are going to be happening?  Is the size is suitable for city traffic & parking facility at your place etc?
Be practical & honest when you are buying a car. Don’t buy any random car just because your friend or your colleague has bought it because your requirement could be different than theirs.
 2 – Budget. Before purchasing a car, make sure you can afford the other expenditures which came along with it. Remember, buying a car does not only include the car loan only, but it also includes auto insurance, gas/petrol/ diesel, Monthly service charge and more. So do a proper planning & invest in the car accordingly.
3 – Car Loan approval. Check with different banks regarding the car loan interests & their processing fee, pre-payment policy etc. You can research about this online also. It will save your hard earned money & you can get the best deal.
4 – Test drive. The test drive is a must because you should be comfortable & familiar with the operation of the car. As you know all human have different body types hence it is very important that the car has enough spacing according to the body of the driver or passenger & they are not feeling uncomfortable while driving a car. This can be only determined after a test drive.
5 – New and Used Cars. According to me if you are a beginner or learner then used car would be the best bet for you as there will be no guilt if your car gets a scratch while you are parking it or learning to drive it in the traffic where there are higher chances of scratches & dent. Once you get mastery in the driving you can buy your brand new car.

Hope this tips will be helpful who are buying the car for the first time. 


  1. It's amazing. how clearly you have mentioned this fantastic tips.

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