Friday, May 6, 2016

Celebration Colors Toric Lens –Hip Hop Hazel Review

Hi Friends,

The Summer is getting hot day by day. Waiting for the rains eagerly . Anyways coming to today’s product review it is about color lens. As you all aware Freshlook & Bausch & Lomb color lens but unfortunately these brands does not manufacture color lenses for cylindrical Power. They have color lens for only Spherical Power. So as I have both cylindrical & spherical Power I am using Bausch & Lomb’s normal Toric lens in the past & Waiting for any brand to launch color toric lens in India. Finally one day my wait got over & I got this hip hop Hazel lens from Celebration color toric lens range.


 1600 INR per one lens (3200 INR for 1 pair) for yearly, price may vary from store to store.(I got one pair from 2500INR with 100 ml lens solution bottle free from nearby optic store .)


Product Description:

Color eyes Eye care markets a range of eye care products including Conventional and Disposable    lenses in both Clear and Color. Specialty lenses like Toric, Prosthetic lenses, Lens care products and accessories are also a part of our ever growing portfolio of eye care products.

Color eyes Eye care stands tall today in the field of contact lenses as one of the leading Contact Lens marketing companies in India with the largest direct optical retail reach. We continuously upgrade our existing product range and add new products to better meet the needs of today’s discerning consumers.

CELEBRATION TORIC cosmetic lenses make one's eyes look more beautiful and more natural by giving you that new look you always wanted. It is available with cylindrical power to help correct Astigmatism. These are super soft lenses with high water content are comfortable to wear for the entire day. Recommended replacement time is 1-year. Celebration Colors Toric lenses has high power range and has one lens in a box



It comes in the small glass bottle with top sealed with aluminum foil as shown in the picture. There is 1 lens per bottle with some liquid solution. The contents will be mentioned on the glass bottle itself.

There are seven Color Variables available which are

1)Hip Hop Hazel

2)Poppy Brown

3)Breezy blue

4)Salsa Grey

5)Calypso Green

6)Tropical Turquoise

7)Purple Aura


My Experience with Celebration Colors Toric Lens –Hip Hop Hazel:

Once you open the glass bottle you need to transfer the lens to the Lens case available in market. This lens is not soft like petal as the Freshlook one but it will not stick to your finger like Freshlook one does. It will feel somewhat plastic if you are wearing it first time but however after some days you will not feel like that as you will get habituate to it. Normally in Bausch & Lomb toric lens there is some marking on the lens & we need to wear lenses according to that marking for getting the clear sharp vision or else the vision get blurred. But in this lens there is no such marking given however it will automatically adjust its axis which needs power correction, which is very good according to me.

I have got the color Hip Hop Hazel which is looking very good on my Indian skin & it will not look artificial. I have a normal Black eye color which I appreciate a lot, However It feels good to change your appearance by wearing the color contact lens.

However this is yearly lens so you have to clean your lens regularly with the lens solution. Due to lots of protein buildup is supposed to be occurring on the lens you need to deep clean this lens by the lens retailer once in a six months to avoid any eye infection.

Let’s sum up the pros and cons:

Pros of Celebration Colors Toric Lens –Hip Hop Hazel:

  • Beautiful color which suits the Indian skin tone
  • With cylindrical power to help correct Astigmatism.
  • 42% Water content.
  • Easily available on any optic store or Lenskart.
  • One can experiment with their looks with color lens.
  • Long durability.
  • Economical
  • Wearable time is 8-10 hours

Cons of Celebration Colors Toric Lens –Hip Hop Hazel:

  • Feels a bit Plasticky as compared to Freshlook.
  • For dry eyes it can be irritating.

FBB Liking:


I will surely buy them in other colors as well and recommend everyone who have cylindrical number like me & want to try the color lens without compromising on the clarity of vision.



  1. Stunning color and you have beautiful eyes. Suits you a lot..

  2. Loved the color! The color actually suits you so much

  3. Really it looks so beautiful. Love this color.

  4. Can you also give reviews for all other toric lens colors like brown , blue, green and purple..?

    1. I will try to cover as many colors as I can in near future.

  5. Lens looks so stunning and you too Great Read - Thanks for sharing - Bushra - blog

  6. I bought the same lense same colour 2 days before. Thanks for your review.

  7. I bought the same lense same colour 2 days before. Thanks for your review.

    1. Thnx for the feedback . Do tell me if you want to know anything more.

  8. Hello Dipika,
    Can you tell me what is your eye power?
    For me cynlindrical is -0.75 and it is not available in these lenses.
    Is it okay if i buy only spherical lenses?

    1. Hi, If you have spherical no. also then you can merge your cylindrical no. with it & go for spherical one. -0.75 is very less so its ok if you go with spherical. My eye power is -1.5 cylindrical. I recommend you to visit the optic centre once to check whether you can see correctly with spherical no. without any blurriness or not. Usually with cylindrical power we tend to not focus on the fonts or things which emits lights like LED boards & all.

  9. Review was helpful.
    Have you tried any other colour also? I was thinking to but the Purple aura shade. I have a little dusky complextion.

    1. Green will look gorgeous for Dusky skin tone. If you want strking attention to your eyes then Purple aura will look good.

  10. Astigmatism power is different from regular lens power, so what prescription did you put while ordering?

    1. You have spehrical as well as cylindrical power . The website asks the same details given by doctor like for cylindrical power at degree of axis on which it is. You need three different values for one eye 1)spherical power 2)cylindrical power 3)degree of axis of cylindrical power.

  11. Hi Madam.. I have ordered Celebration toric lenses hazel color. But I observed that My left eye prescription is -2.5 but in the lens its written as -2.75. Does this affect my vision?? I do feel slightly cloudy but may be its new lens thats why I am feeling so.

    1. Can you please give photo of wearing lenses.i want to check how look like.

    2. I have already uploaded the photo of wearing it in the post itself.

    3. dont wear the higher number lens then your prescribed. It will affect your eyesight.

  12. I'm using these for the first time. there is redness in my eye after 4 hrs of use ..have you experienced it in the beginning too or is it only me?

    1. I did not feel any redness with it. For how many hours you are wearing it in a day. Its reccomended for 6-8 hours only.

  13. Looking good...can you give us the review on all the colours...quie confused which one to buy