Monday, May 23, 2016

Sugar - Stroke of Genius heavy-duty kohl - Review

Hello BFFs,

The city where I am living is at boiling point & I am awaiting eagerly for my beloved rain to come & rescue me from this scorching heat. So the basic necessities to combat with such heat is Lots of water & a smudge proof kohl to prevent dehydration & raccoon eyes.. :-)
And guess what I got this newly launched Stroke of Genius heavy-duty kohl from Sugar cosmetics in my April Fab bag like a Knight in Shining Armor. The smudge proof & waterproof kohl is bare necessity of a girl's life just like honey is of Baloo's life (Oh I can't tell you how much I love the song of “Bare necessities" song from the movie The Jungle book).
So read out further to know that The new launch of Stroke of Genius Heavy-duty Kohl from sugar cosmetics is worth your money or not….

Sugar - Stroke of Genius heavy-duty kohl

Sugar - Stroke of Genius heavy-duty kohl with sharpener

Thursday, May 12, 2016

April Fab Bag Unboxing & Review

Hello BFFs,

Today I am going to share the APRIL FAB BAG .
Let me brief you some history regarding the fab bag. The fab bag was earlier known as Vellvette box which started in 2012. It is kind of trial bag in which you will get the luxury skincare products in the sample sizes at an affordable price. So you can decide whether the product suits you or not before splurging on that luxury product. From last some months they have started including one full size makeup product to their bag.

FAB BAG PRICE: Rs 599/- per month.

So coming back to this month's fab bag is of Spring theme. This time products came with a neon pink pouch which feels spring thing.
So below is the list of products for April fab bag.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Celebration Colors Toric Lens –Hip Hop Hazel Review

Hi Friends,

The Summer is getting hot day by day. Waiting for the rains eagerly . Anyways coming to today’s product review it is about color lens. As you all aware Freshlook & Bausch & Lomb color lens but unfortunately these brands does not manufacture color lenses for cylindrical Power. They have color lens for only Spherical Power. So as I have both cylindrical & spherical Power I am using Bausch & Lomb’s normal Toric lens in the past & Waiting for any brand to launch color toric lens in India. Finally one day my wait got over & I got this hip hop Hazel lens from Celebration color toric lens range.


 1600 INR per one lens (3200 INR for 1 pair) for yearly, price may vary from store to store.(I got one pair from 2500INR with 100 ml lens solution bottle free from nearby optic store .)


Thursday, May 5, 2016

Lancôme Color Design Palette in 308 Violet Magnetique

Hello BFFs,

Today I am going to review my first Lancôme product which is a gift. As it is gift I didn’t know any background for this product line so I search a bit regarding this product line & got the below information.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

First Blog post by a new Makeup Lover

Dear all Readers,

I am Engineer by Profession & study , who is turning in Makeup & fashion lover day by day visualizing all new horizons of coming life.
With this blog I want to share my journey with all like minded people around the world whom I can not meet personally but virtually we can be BFFs( that is the reason I have kept the blog name in short BFF).
In this blog you can find different beauty regimens ,budget makeup tips & tricks & most importantly healthy eating & exercise & yoga tips from me.

So lets Start the journey ....

Love & XOXO...