I am Engineer by Profession working in a MNC based out in Vadodara & Ahmedabad - Gujarat , who is turning in Makeup & fashion lover day by day visualizing all new horizons of coming life.
Before marriage for me makeup is just applying kajal and bindi, can you believe that I don't know what is mascara & eyelash curler ?(This is the real disadvantage of studying electrical engineering, so the discussion among the girls will always about wires, resistors capacitors & inductors :-(  )
But the real transformation started when I was searching ideas for my bridal makeup , hairstyles etc... The more I read the more I fascinated towards this art of beautifying your best features. Now after almost reading all the top beauty blogs for around four years & contributing as writer to some, now I have taken the plunge & started my own personal blog.

With this blog I want to share my journey with all like minded people around the world whom I can not meet personally but virtually we can be BFFs( that is the reason I have kept the blog name BeautyFitnessFunda in short BFF).
In this blog you can find different beauty regimens ,budget makeup tips & tricks & most importantly healthy eating & exercise & yoga tips .

So lets Start the journey ....

For any queries or PR/Collaboration enquiries Contact me at beautyfitnessfunda@gmail.com
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Love & XOXO...


  1. The introduction made me laugh. I was the same with makeup, being from a medical background I never got the time to learn about how to be a girl but luckily my sister helped me through all of it.

  2. This is my kind of thing. I also used to put no or very less make up before marriage and had no make up sense but things get worse when you get married so you should learn few tips.