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Omved Ananda Himalayan Rose Soap review

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I know I am a little bit MIA on the blog last month, but I have all the reasons to justify this. There are some incidences happened in my personal life due to which I couldn’t give much time to the blog. Now I am back & there are lots of pending posts which needs to be up on the blog pretty soon. I am planning to schedule my blog posts week wise what say. Any suggestion regarding blog scheduling is most welcome.
Today’s post is about this Omved Ananda Himalayan Rose bath bar which smells so heavenly just like pure rose water. I have read somewhere that our skin absorbs 70% of what we apply on it. Bathing daily with this 100% natural bath bar is an aromatic way to ensure that nature's goodness gets delivered deep inside our skin. Before I start about the product review lets have a small introduction regarding the brand & its principles.

Little introduction regarding Omved brand:
OM (the absolute) and VED (knowledge), to live in complete wisdom and awareness is the founding principle of Omved.
Welcome to a world of the ancient millennia, of Vedic traditions and Sanatan Dharma (eternal truths). Welcome to pure natural living.
Omved is a world of beautiful products, well researched, designed and hand-crafted for your well-being and lasting satisfaction. Our endeavor is to offer and impart healing qualities through our 100% natural well-being products to bring you back in balance.

Omved ensures that each and every item used in the products is chemical free, natural, hand-crafted, fair trade, made in India and biodegradable.All products at Omved are authentic and ethical – embracing design and sustainability, beautifully finished and reviving our ancient Vedic traditions. They are safe for you and safe for the earth.
Product Description:
Indulge in the pure luxury of bathing with a million roses. It takes 40,000 pounds of rose petals to distil just 1 pound of rose oil and we have infused this in Ananda rose soap - our 100% natural aromatherapy bath bar. The exotic aromatic extracts of Himalayan roses not only smell good but also help in gentle cleansing and toning of all skin types.
Our signature cold-process saponified, pure triple oil base of coconut, olive, and castor, cleanses without stripping; skin-loving Aloe Vera tones while the retained pure plant-based glycerin leads to richer moisturizing. This rose petal soap is hydrating, maintains pH balance and stimulates skin regeneration.
Ananda rose scented soap is good for all skin types, including sensitive skin and mature complexions.
Great for the shower, the bath or to make the guest bathroom smell great! This natural rose soap bath bar is a great way to add more aromatherapy into your day, every day. Work it up into a light lather and massage into the skin at bath time. Breathe deeply for best results.
Caution: For external use only

A mild, gentle bath bar, full of natural essential oils. Saponified oils of Olive (Olea europaea), Vegetable and Castor (Ricinus communis), retained and added plant-based glycerine, Aloe Vera (Aloe barb adenosis), Rose water of Himalayan roses and its extracts and rose petals. Nothing else.
100% biodegradable formula and packaging.

Prices:  270 INR for 125g

My Experience with Omved Ananda Himalayan Rose Soap review:
The Omved Ananda Himalayan Rose soap comes in a biodegradable packaging which is a huge plus point as its environment-friendly. The Bath bar is baby pink in color & quite a big in size. It is not slippery & you can hold it easily while taking bath. The fragrance of this Rose soap is so amazing that the normal bathing experience feels like a luxurious spa treatment. I love the way this soap is smelling like a pure rose water. I have one antique old vessel of rose water sprinkling which was used in marriages for sprinkling the rose water on guests that smell exactly like this soap.

The soap does its work perfectly, it cleans the dirt & oil out of our body & gives a squeaky clean feeling. The texture of this soap is not creamy & slippery like dove or any other moisturizing soap which is plus point. It leathers good enough. It didn’t get melted fast & the wastage of the product is minimal due to this. This will last for whole 1 month due to product wastage is minimum which makes it affordable though the price of the rose bath bar is a bit on higher side.

The base of this soap is castor, coconut and olive oil which is known as best oils for moisturizing the skin. This bath bar is made with the cold process which saves the natural properties of the ingredients compare to machine processed soaps. There is no artificial color or fragrances added in this soap so it’s safe for children & sensitive skin people. It didn’t rip off the natural oil from your skin & make it look white patchy & itchy which normal other soaps do. Instead, it makes your skin look soft & nourished but you can’t skip moisturizer in winter if you have very dry skin. These products are paraben free.

Pros of Omved Ananda Himalayan Rose Soap review:
·        The Rosewater aroma of bath bar is so refreshing & calming.
·        Gives soft & moisturized skin
·        Small amount of product is enough so lasts long.
·        Made in India & 100% natural product
·        Paraben free
·        No Artificial Ingredients, No Detergents No Synthetic Dyes or Colourants
·        No Animal Testing or Animal Products
·        100% natural and vegan

Cons of Omved Ananda Himalayan Rose Soap review:
·        A bit pricey for soap (but worth each & every penny).

BFF Rating: 4.75/5

Final Verdict on Omved Ananda Himalayan Rose Soap review:
This one single soap can run full month giving you aromatic bath experience & giving your bathroom nice rosy fragrance for a whole month so its buy one gets one kind of package offer with this rose bath bar. I would definitely repurchase this soap.

Have you used this Omved Ananda Rose Soap already? If yes then please comment regarding your experience with the same.

*Omved Ananda Himalayan Rose bath bar was sent to me by the brand a few days back for the honest review. Let me clear that this post is not sponsored & all the opinions are mine which is totally honest.


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