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Greenberry Organics Mud Ash 3 in 1 Face Care Review, Cleanser- Scrub- Mask

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Today I have come with one innovative multipurpose 3 in 1product which is natural & made on the Ayurveda basis. Who doesn't like if their single product can multitask & at the same time is 100% organic?? I have heard many good things about this Mud ash mask from my fellow bloggers who have oily skin. So I have to try this out to know whether it is suitable for my combination dry & sensitive skin or not. So without any further blabbering, I will share some details about this brand & then my experience with this product. One more secret that I have forced Mr.DevD (hubby) also to try this product so that I can share the experience of this product from another gender also. This is the unisex product so it can be used by both Men & women.

Product Description:
Do you also use the words "problem" and "skin" in the same sentence and that too with a negative tone! It's time we change that with our 3 in 1 formula that has a mask, scrubber and cleaner packed in one. It has activated charcoal to suck out all the dust and impurities you are exposing your skin to in your daily life. The Jojoba beads powder helps scrub off all the dead skin giving your younger skin cells a chance to breathe free and glow brightly. Add to that the wonders of Kaolin Clay and Bentonite clay you have got yourself the perfect mask to revive every bit of your face. The biggest WOW factor - use it daily as a cleanser, twice as a scrubber or right before those happening weekends as a mask and your skin will thank you every minute for this super pampering care. A product with nature's best ingredients - Aqua, Kaolin, China Clay, Glycerin, Zinc Oxide, Aloe Vera, Bentonite Powder, Turmeric Powder, Jojoba Oil, Activated Charcoal Powder, Pentavitin, Jojoba Beads, Tea Tree Oil, Clove Oil, Vitamin C, Vitamin E. A superior mud based apothecary product for skin healing, soothing, detoxifying, cleansing and calming.
Powerful cleanser with up to 40% activated charcoal for deep cleansing. Removes blackheads and whiteheads, cleans pores and leaves the skin soft and spot free.
With the goodness of Tea Tree Oil, Jojoba Oil, Clove Oil, Vitamin C and E, Turmeric Extracts for a wholesome skin exfoliation, clarifying and detoxifying experience
Kaolin and Bentonite clay effectively heals the oily skin and removes dirt and blackheads present on Facial Skin | Aloe Vera Extracts soothes the skin | Tea Tree Oil is rich in antibacterial and antifungal properties protecting the skin for all the odds | Charcoal acts as a powerful natural adsorbent | Chamomile extracts relaxes the facial skin | Perfect for Normal to Oily skin in all weathers
Best recommended for daily use | For Normal to Oily Skin | Patch Recommended

Prices:  595 INR for 100g (You can get it from Amazon at great discount)

My Experience with Greenberry Organics Mud Ash 3 In 1 Face Care:
The product came in a jar with two lid protection which I must say a very thoughtful packaging. After opening the upper black lid you can find one white plastic airtight lid on the jar which prevents all the spilling or drying of the product. This is the best packaging of the face mask I have seen till date. After opening that white lid we can see the full jar of green-greyish mud-ash face care product. The quantity provided is huge. The smell of this Mud mask is not that great but it will fade away soon so no problem on that part. The consistency of this mask is apt for using it as cleanser or scrub or mask. It has bit minute granules which are not too harsh so it’s perfectly ok for sensitive skin. The first time I have used it as face mask & applied it all over my face & kept it for around 15 minutes. Then I have taken some water & massaged my face slowly & started removing the face mask. I can see that it lathered a bit.This way I can scrub out the dead cells & whiteheads & blackheads also which loosened up because of this mud ash mask. I can see the immediate effect of charcoal powder that my face looked much clean & brighter. The tea tree oil for acne is used in many products nowadays & this also contains the same. After using this my acne size has been reduced in first use. I have one stubborn aggravated blackhead on the center of my nose since last one month which is not going no matter what I have tried, but after using this mud ash mask continuously 2 days on that part it settled down & now I can see the only mark of it & no bumpy thing. I am so happy with the results of this. I have dry combination skin which means I have dry cheeks & oily nose area. The products say it is suitable for oily to normal skin but it had worked very well for my dry cheeks also. When I have used it as a face mask it didn’t dry out my cheeks like that packs made of fuller’s earth. It contains bentonite clay powder which has many skin benefits. If you are the person who likes organic natural skincare products then this must be included in your skincare regimen ASAP.
This product can be used daily as a cleanser for 30 seconds, twice a week as a scrub for 2 minutes & once in a week as a face mask for 15minutes.
If you ask me what could be my favorite way of using this product then it must be the face mask. I love the way it makes my skin baby soft & supple. I would love to touch my cheeks after using this as a face mask. This can be used on other body parts also if you have acne on that part. This has been worked on my pimples
The only drawback of this product is the shelf life after opening the seal. You have to use the product within 2 months after opening which is a bit difficult considering the huge quantity & very less product required for one use. I know it’s a paraben & preservative free product so the shelf life must be less. However, I have one suggestion to the brand that they can provide the product with lower quantity packaging at a lesser price. e.g 50gms … This way one can use the product completely without feeling guilty of wasting the same. If anyone with sensitive skin wants to try it for the first time then also they can without investing a much.

Pros of Greenberry Organics Mud Ash 3 In 1 Face Care:

·        .100% organic ingredients & Vegan
·        Makes skin soft & clear
·        Have tons of good ingredients
·        Made in India product
·        Travel-friendly packaging
·        Prevents Blackhead & pimples.
·        Gives brighter look to the face
·        The product is FREE FROM HARMFUL TOXINS like Silicones, Mineral Oil, Petrolatum, DEA, TEA, Phthalates, Phosphates, any Artificial fillers, SLES/SLS or Parabens.

Cons of Greenberry Organics Mud Ash 3 In 1 Face Care:
·        The shelf life after opening is just 2 months. It could be good if we can get the same product in small size packing.

BFF Rating: 4.5/5

Final Verdict on Greenberry Organics Mud Ash 3 In 1 Face Care:
I love to use all natural skin care products lately & this is the best I have tried till date & yes I will continue to use this in future also. I would strongly recommend this to all my friends & family.

Have you used this Greenberry Organics Mud Ash 3 In 1 Face Care already? If yes then please comment regarding your experience with the same.

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* Greenberry Organics Mud Ash 3 In 1 Face Care was purchased by me with the blogger’s discount code for the honest review. Let me clarify that this post is not sponsored & all the opinions are mine which is totally honest.


  1. Sounds like a great 3-in-1 product.

  2. Nice and detailed review. I have read lot of good reviews about this product. Yet to try. But as you have said, I wish it comes in a smaller size of 50g so sensitive people like me can try it firstly..

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    1. Yes. I wish they listen to us & start a new line of smaller size of packaging.

  3. Really detailed and nice review.. Everybody on the internet is literally raving about it and i haven't tried it yet 😢😢😢😢
    Love d clicks..


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