Monday, November 13, 2017

Pantene Oil Replacement Review

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This post is regarding the new product launched by the old trusted hair care
brand Pantene. When I was a kid my mom used to do my braid every day
by applying lots of oil. As I grew up & started working the daily oiling part
becomes bi-weekly, then weekly & gradually once in 15 days or once in a
month due to tight schedule & laziness. Especially in summers applying oil brings lots of itchiness. Also, we have to wash our hair twice or thrice to get
rid of that stickiness of oil. So sometimes when you are in hurry oiling your
hair before your hair washes seems to be impossible. Pantene brought the
innovative product for oil replacement in the life in cream form which makes
sure that your hair is not only manageable but it also gets nourished just
what oil do to your hair. So now no stickier hair or hands, No oily foreheads
or no more oil stain on pillows. I am using this product for last 15 days so
keep reading to know my experience with it.

 Product Description:
Gives you 2x stronger hair than ordinary hair oil, without the hassles
Creamy, non-sticky formula that takes seconds to apply
Recommended to be used before combing, blow-drying, sun and salt water exposure
Apply evenly along the lengths of your hair
No need to rinse
For best results use on wet hair post-shower.

Prices:  150 INR for 180ml
My Experience with Pantene Oil Replacement:

The packaging of this product is so beautiful. It comes in the golden tube kind of packaging. It’s a huge tube & contains a lot of product. The smell of the product is the same fruity kind of as of other Pantene products. The product consistency is just like the conditioner. You have to take a bit of it to your palm & rub it on your palm then start applying on your hair from top to bottom so that each & every hair covered with the same. You can apply it to your semi-wet hair for better results. The product is bit creamy so make sure you don’t overdo with the quantity otherwise your hair looks weighed down. Apply equally to every part of the hair then you can follow the regular styling of the hair. My hair is very dry with dry scalp & it becomes frizzy once it dries. But the Pantene oil replacement had helped me to manage my frizzy hair very well. It gave a bit of smoothness to my hair without any stickiness. I have used it after the hair wash when it is semi-wet & it worked just amazingly for me. You don’t have to rinse it out as it’s live in cream for your hair. The effects lasted till 2 days. I can see that there was no frizz on my crown area & all my hairs were well managed & in place. I can easily go out without using any hair serum after using this product. The only thing which you have to take care is using the correct amount of product according to your hair length & you can rock your locks.
Pros of Pantene Oil Replacement:
·        Budget friendly
·        Easily available online as well as offline
·        It manages the frizzy hair without any stickiness
·        Travel-friendly packaging

Cons of Pantene Oil Replacement:
·        It’s a bit creamy so the process of applying it to dry hair may be a bit difficult, but on wet hair, it’s easy to apply.

BFF Rating: 4/5

Final Verdict on Pantene Oil Replacement:
It is really nice & innovative product & a great substitute for the oil when you are in hurry & you have no time to pamper your hair. It gives the instant effect of hair oiling without waiting for hours the way we do for regular oiling rituals. But the oil massage is also necessary to relax your head nerves & releasing the stress. I am definitely recommending this product to all the lazy bums like me who makes plans on last minutes & have no time to pamper the hair, this comes very handily for this kind of situations. It gives the instant fix to your unruly hair.

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Have you used this Pantene Oil Replacement? If yes then please comment regarding your experience with the same.

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